Air Quality in Cully: September 21 Event

Do you know what is in the air you breathe? Worried about industrial air pollution in Cully? On the 21st of September Cully residents have the opportunity to attend a valuable workshop to learn more about how industry in the Cully Neighborhood affects your family’s health, the health of the food you grow, and the places you live and work.

The workshop is a collective effort between the Cully Air Action Team (CAAT), Living Cully, the Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF), the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Multnomah County Health Department and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

The forum will provide an opportunity for the Cully community to learn from neighbors and government agencies about current air monitoring efforts in the neighborhood and to voice their own concerns about air quality.

DEQ is currently monitoring heavy metals in the air with a monitor placed at the Tabernacle (5740 NE Portland Hwy). Monitoring at the Tabernacle site started the first week of September 2016. DEQ will locate another monitor at a Bureau of Environmental Services water pump in Cully in early October.

CAAT, PAALF, NAYA and Living Cully have been working towards providing this opportunity for neighbors over the past few months, meeting with DEQ, Multnomah County and the OHA every week to encourage them to set up monitoring stations in Cully and to partner on this important workshop.

CAAT and Living Cully held a Spanish language workshop in the end of June with 15 attendees, and were encouraged by the turn-out to plan a larger forum.

The Cully Air Action Team wants to remind everybody that good air quality is a basic right. The air you breathe affects your health and it is important to speak up about what you are experiencing. This workshop will not only be a place to learn facts but to hold a real dialogue between government agencies and the people of Cully. This is an opportunity to be heard and learn how to take action!

Event Details:

Air Quality in Cully Workshop: How Industry Affects the Air in Cully

  • Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
  • 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Rigler Elementary School
  • 5401 Prescott St. Portland, OR 97218
  • Dinner, Childcare and Spanish Language Interpretation Provided

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