Monthly Archives: March 2018

Cully Community Members Respond to Scrapyard Fire

Update 5/1/2018: To read agency responses to community questions, click here. Join us 5/3 at 5:30 at Living Cully Plaza to hear responses and take action to prevent future emergency events! On March 20th, 2018, over 100 community members gathered at Living Cully Plaza to share their concerns and questions about the scrapyard fire that … Read More >

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Living Cully presents the Living Cully Community Energy Plan

Living Cully is proud to present the Living Cully Community Energy Plan, a neighborhood-scale energy plan that identifies energy conservation and energy generation pilots for the Cully neighborhood. The Energy Plan creates a blueprint for how we can prevent displacement through increased investments in the energy sector. By investing in public education, resilient institutions, affordable … Read More >

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Verde Landscape Launches into the 21st Century

Last week, Verde launched a website for their longest-running social enterprise, Verde Landscape: This website takes Verde Landscape to the next level as a business, offering a way to connect with potential clients and share the organizational values through visual and written storytelling. The Verde Landscape website seeks to reflect a vision for engagement … Read More >

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