Living Cully presents the Living Cully Community Energy Plan

Living Cully is proud to present the Living Cully Community Energy Plan, a neighborhood-scale energy plan that identifies energy conservation and energy generation pilots for the Cully neighborhood. The Energy Plan creates a blueprint for how we can prevent displacement through increased investments in the energy sector. By investing in public education, resilient institutions, affordable housing and community services we can lift up a community-led, anti-displacement vision of climate action.

The publication of this plan coincides with a current neighborhood crisis; the auto scrap yard fire at Northwest Metals.  This fire burned through car frames, and hundreds of tires releasing toxic chemicals into the air over the Cully neighborhood over the course of a day. These types of events underscore the need to move away from a fossil fuel dependent society and towards renewable energy.

Our Energy Plan identifies six energy pilots, bringing approximately $2 million to the Cully neighborhood. Pilots were chosen for their alignment with Living Cully’s anti-displacement strategies and viability for implementation within two years. The Energy pilot projects/programs include:

  • A community energy education campaign
  • Environmental features on the redevelopment of the Living Cully Plaza
  • Solar and battery storage installation at St. Charles Church
  • Solar installation and mobile home replacement at the Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park
  • A ductless heat pump cooperate for residents
  • A community solar project sited in the Cully neighborhood

The Living Cully Community Energy Plan was developed in 2017 with the guidance of community partners, clean energy professionals and utility experts who served on the Energy Plan Project Advisory Committee. Living Cully residents also provided feedback on the Energy Plan through community surveys and focus groups.

Verde — a Living Cully partner organization — recently received $300,000 from Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program to launch the first pilot, solar and battery storage installation on St. Charles Church. The Living Cully partners are actively looking for other funding opportunities and new partnerships to develop the five remaining pilots.

Access the Living Cully Community Energy Plan here.

Do you want to support the energy pilot projects outlined in the Living Cully Community Energy Plan? Donate to “Living Cully Community Energy Plan” on our secure online server.

For more information about the Living Cully Community Energy Plan, please contact Carolina Iraheta Gonzalez, Community Energy Advocate at

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