Welcome Back CHAT!

After almost a year-long break due to COVID-19 the Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) is back in action! On May 4th, CHAT held its first virtual meeting to reconnect and begin tackling the housing issues that matter most to residents living in Cully. During the meeting, CHAT members were provided two presentations that focus on the eviction moratorium and information on proposed legislation to provide more protections for renters.

The first presentation was provided by Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) and gave information on the state’s eviction moratorium and what rights renters currently have. We have provided some information that was shared, along with the declaration form, found here, that renters need to submit to their landlords in order to be protected from eviction through the end of June. You can view the presentation here. LASO has much more information about COVID-19 emergency protections on their website here as well.

Oriana Magnera from the organization Verde gave an update on SB 282, a bill that recently passed the state legislature, allowing renters more time to pay any rent they were forced to skip due to COVID, and extending protections against landlord retaliation. Prior to this legislation, renters who owed back-rent needed to pay it all by June 30th. SB 282 passing the legislature means that the deadline will be extended until February 2022. Thank you to everyone who sent an online letter to their representatives, telling them to vote YES for this important law and helping to ensure it passed!

Oriana’s full presentation about SB 282 can be viewed here.

If you would like to be added to the Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) email list, please email Brian Garcia at briangarcia@livingcully.org.


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