UPDATED rules for May rent

Multnomah County has updated the rules for its COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium.


  • Your landlord cannot evict you right now for not paying rent.
  • If you cannot pay rent for May, you don’t have to pay right now. (But you will have to pay it back by January. More details below).
  • You do NOT need to provide any documentation to prove that you have lost income. And you do NOT need to give advance notice to your landlord if you are not paying rent for May (this is a change from the previous rule).
  • You WILL need to pay back all rent that you skip within six months of the emergency declaration ending. The emergency declaration is currently scheduled to end on July 9, so any rent payments that you skip now need to be paid by January 9, 2021.
  • As soon as possible, you should give your landlord written notice that you cannot pay rent. You should keep a copy of that notice for your own records. However, there is no deadline for giving this notice to your landlord.
  • If you can afford to keep paying rent, you should. If you cannot pay your full rent, it could still be a good idea to pay part of your rent. Paying your rent now — if you can — will keep you from going into debt and help prevent you from being evicted later on if you cannot pay back all of the rent that you skip. Keep written records of the amount of rent that you pay, and the amount that you skip.
  • Your landlord cannot require you to sign an agreement or a payment plan related to rent payments that you skip during the emergency declaration.

For more detailed information, please see this document from Multnomah County:

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