Share Your Feedback on the Living Cully Community Energy Plan

Come shape the future of energy education in the Cully neighborhood! The Living Cully staff invites community members to join us for a second focus group to share feedback on a draft of the Living Cully Community Energy Plan (LCCEP), Wednesday, November 28th from 5:30-7:30 pm.

The LCCEP is a blueprint for how Living Cully can redress local disparities (e.g. housing, education, health, economic opportunity) through energy conservation or renewable energy investments in the Cully neighborhood. At its core, it brings together climate goals and anti-displacement goals.

Energy Advocate Carolina Iraheta is committed to grounding the plan in community ideas. In September 2017, community members shared their input on a possible Community Energy Education Campaign, a project that is now one of six pilots included in the LCCEP. This second focus group offers community members an opportunity to come back together to build on the ideas that were incorporated into the plan.

The Community Energy Education Campaign responds to a need to make current knowledge and resources around energy more widely accessible. Participants at the focus group in September shared an interest in learning about how new energy technologies work, how to buy energy efficient appliances, and how to save on their utility bill. Spanish speaking participants stressed that these workshops should be opportunities for residents to become leaders, first to learn about energy and then share this knowledge with their neighbors.

The six pilot projects outlined in the energy plan, including the Community Energy Education Campaign, will be completed over the next two years in the Cully Neighborhood. They help set a standard for the kinds of energy projects in the Cully neighborhood and beyond that help to make housing more affordable while also meeting renewable energy goals.

All Cully residents are invited to participate in the focus group. We hope to see you there!

To RSVP click here. For more information please contact Carolina at / 503-290-8570.

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