We Did It! Thanks for Supporting the “Let Us Build Cully Park” Crowdfunding Campaign!

We are so grateful to the community members who helped us raise $76,785 for Cully Park, surpassing our early fall crowdfunding campaign goal of $75,000.

Cully Park construction is on track to complete phase one later this fall. We will then allow time for plantings to establish roots, and open the park to the public in late spring/early summer 2018 (really, it depends on when the rains stop). Pieces are coming together above ground that make it possible to imagine the fun and meaningful activities that will happen at the park starting in the spring. The grass for the soccer field has sprouted, and the irrigation system is currently being installed in the Native Gathering Garden. The play area is taking shape, including a full range of traditional equipment, nature play features, and a number of accessible elements like a wheelchair-accessible sensory wall.

We are almost to the finish line and many folks have helped us walk that challenging and rewarding path. We thank our 210 donors, as well as folks who shared our story on social media, for showing us support in the most recent step.

To those who claimed a Crowdfunding donor level on our campaign website, we will be following up with you shortly to get you your donation perk!

To keep up to date on the park’s progress, please check out our park website, as well as our social media pages.

We can’t wait to see you when Cully Park opens next year, where we’ll all say together — we did it.

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