Funding Push: Cully Park!

Verde is honored to celebrate great fundraising success for the Let Us Build Cully Park! project. We have almost reached our goal, but we still need your help! We have secured over $6 million from cash and in-kind sources, raising nearly $2 million per year together with Portland Parks & Recreation and many other partners. Now, we estimate $3 million is needed to complete fundraising for Cully Park, including contingency. We have a great chance to secure these funds from local, regional and state government – and we’re going to need help from all our partners and supporters, from everyone who wants to see Cully Park open in 2017.  Verde staff has written almost 40 funding proposals, leading to great support from public, foundation and for-profit sources. Many of these sources, like Meyer Memorial Trust and the Collins Foundation, do not typically fund park projects, but are supporting supported Cully Park because it combines so many benefits for the Cully community: health, educational, economic and environmental. Please stay tuned to this newsletter for action alerts and ways to help out, or reach out to Anna Gordon:

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