Construction Underway on 21 Habitat Homes in Cully

Phase one is underway at Helensview, Habitat’s 21-home community located in northeast Portland’s Cully neighborhood.  The first six homes are in the final stages of framing and roofing, with four more homes getting ready to begin construction in this first phase.  As one of Living Cully coalition’s Signature Projects, Helensview will help add affordable homeownership options to Cully, a neighborhood that continues to see the displacement of low-income residents as the housing market continues to increase. This Habitat project was made possible with funding from Meyer Memorial Trust, Jim & Sue Kelly’s Community Fund, NW Natural, Portland Housing Bureau, Cal Portland, Lowe’s and WellsFargo.  All 21 homes will be complete by the summer of 2017. To learn more about how you can support Helensview through donations or volunteer efforts, contact Tor Ostrom at

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