Exploring a Community-Led Development District

How can investments and development in the Cully neighborhood benefit current residents, rather than leading to gentrification and displacement?

What would Cully be like if the people who are vulnerable to displacement were in charge of how the neighborhood grows and changes?

That is what we are working to find out. Seven community-based organizations are exploring the creation of a Community-Led Development District that would make investments to ensure Cully is a place where Black, indigenous and tribal people, people of color, low income people, and others vulnerable to displacement will have stable, affordable homes and economic prosperity both now and for generations to come.

We are creating a proposal for a $50 million fund to prevent displacement and keep Cully affordable for current residents and future generations.


After hosting several meetings where we received feedback from community members, we have created a preliminary report on the creation of a community-led TIF district in Cully, using the feedback that we got from surveys, focus groups and the last 3 community meetings. This is a collaborative effort between community organizations, community members and city bureaus.


The preliminary report can be found here: Cully TIF Preliminary Report*
The Prosper Portland and Portland Housing Bureau letter can be found here: Letter of Support

*Please note the preliminary report is NOT the final TIF plan, but it serves as the preliminary document that we built upon at the community workshops



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