Transportation Advocacy

Wayfinding is how you get where you want to go! Verde pilots the Living Cully Wayfinding System a 3 mile series of maps and signage to direct pedestrian and bicyclists to Cully Park, NAYA-Whitaker Ponds, and Kʰunamokwst Park. Wayfinding systems are often found in downtowns and commercial districts, not in low income neighborhoods. Building on the Living Cully Walks program, Living Cully looks to increase access to parks and open spaces in Cully through the creation of a comprehensive wayfinding system. Hacienda youth will help design the permanent signage system. A temporary system will be launched in fall of 2015 with a series of activation walks to test the system in the winter of 2015. The final design and placement will be launched in 2016. Interested in getting involved in activation walks or the Wayfinding design? Please check the events calendar for upcoming walks or contact Anna Gordon, or 541-513-9292.



The Living Cully Walks program and Wayfinding System is made possible with the support Metro’s Regional Travel Option grant and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

WalksLiving Cully Walks

The Verde-led Living Cully Walks program responds to Cully’s poor infrastructure and park/habitat disparities by enhancing pedestrian and bicycle access to existing and new environmental amenities in Cully through community-based planning. The project also builds capacity for community members to educate policymakers about needed access improvements. Leveraging the largest equity-focused grant ever awarded by Metro’s Regional Travel Options program, Living Cully Walks sets the framework for other anti-poverty organizations to pursue the same resource. Want to learn more about the Living Cully Walks program, or get involved? Please contact Tony DeFalco,

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