Living Cully Community Energy Plan

What is the Living Cully Community Energy Plan

The Living Cully Community Energy Plan is a neighborhood-scale energy plan that identifies energy conservation and energy generation pilots for the Cully neighborhood. The Energy Plan creates a blueprint for how we can prevent displacement through increased investments in the energy sector. By investing in public education, resilient institutions, affordable housing and community services, we can lift up a community-led, anti-displacement vision of climate action.

View the full Living Cully Community Energy Plan here.

The LCCEP Project Advisory Committee

The LCCEP is guided by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) made up of technical experts and community partners. The PAC meets monthly during the research phase of the LCCEP. PAC members are:

Taren Evans, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager, Habitat for Humanity

Kelly Haines, Senior Project Manager, Worksystems, Inc.

Holly Meyer Braun, Energy Policy and Sustainability Manager, NW Natural

Desiree William-Rajee, Board Member, Verde

Jaimes Valdez, Policy Manager, Spark NW

Andria Jacob, Senior Program Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Eron Riddle, Cully Weatherization 2.0 Project Manager, Native American Youth and Family Center

Maiyee Yuan, Jade District Coordinator, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon,

Lizzie Rubado, Renewables Program Strategies Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon

Oriana Magnara, Outreach and Policy Advocate, Northwest Energy Coalition

Zack Sippel, Project Coordinator, Energy Trust of Oregon

Cameron Herrington, Anti-displacement Coordinator, Living Cully

Alan Hipolito, Executive Director, Verde


PAC Meeting and Agendas:

Meeting #1: 02-27-2017

Meeting #2: 03-20-2017

Meeting #3: 04-17-2017

Meeting #4: 05-15-2017

Meeting #5: 06-19-2017

Meeting #6: 08-28-2017

Meeting #7: 09-18-2017

Meeting #8: 11-06-2017

Initial Community Outreach Results

During the summer of 2017, LCCEP staff surveyed community members about their perspectives and interests related to energy conservation and solar energy.


For more information on the Living Cully Community Energy Plan

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