Habitat for Humanity, Hacienda CDC, NAYA and Verde have developed Living Cully a long-term, community-based and collaborative strategy to combat poverty by building economic, social and environmental assets for low-income Cully residents. Living Cully supports greater cross-organizational collaborations under one concept in one geographic area, and demonstrates that economic, social and environmental goals are mutually reinforcing.

Living Cully strives to create a thriving neighborhood where investments are by and for the people who live here, primarily low income people and people of color. Living Cully works under the following goal areas:

  • Community development without displacement
  • Build employment and income opportunities for residents and businesses in the neighborhood
  • Community engagement through collective action, cultural expression, and clear avenues for communication
  • Expanding safe, high quality affordable housing in Cully
  • Increase green infrastructure and environmental education in the neighborhood