Cully Neighborhood Renter Relief Fund

Applications for the Renter Relief Fund are now closed.
Information about the fund distribution process is available here.

La solicitud para el Fondo de Ayuda para Inquilinos ya está cerada.
Información sobre el proceso de distribuir los fondos está aqui.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE! We have received over 250 applications, and currently have enough money to support approximately 126 households. Your donation will allow us to help more families that have already applied and qualified to receive support.

The Cully Neighborhood Renter Relief Fund supports residents of the Cully community who are struggling to pay rent due to COVID-19. This fund prioritizes people of color and renters who have not received public aid such as federal relief funds or unemployment benefits. The rules for the distribution of funds were made by a committee of Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) members and Living Cully staff, in order to support Cully neighbors with the greatest need.

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The heart of Living Cully is our grassroots community organizing, through the Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) and other groups led by people of color and low-income residents. In this unprecedented time of crisis, the voices of these neighbors guide us in adapting to urgent needs.

That is why we are seeking donations to the Cully Neighborhood Renter Relief Fund. The COVID-19 crisis and the accompanying economic shutdown have hit communities of color and low-income people the hardest. Some of us have lost family members or friends. Many have lost jobs, seen food budgets strain, and debt climb. Meanwhile, some of us have not only remained economically stable, but have even received extra income through federal stimulus checks and income tax refunds. This fund connects the resources of generous donors with the needs of neighbors who have suffered losses and are now struggling.

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While Multnomah County’s current eviction moratorium temporarily protects families from displacement, deferred rent and utility bills are stacking up, placing residents at increased risk of losing their homes in the near future. This is an especially difficult reality for Cully neighbors who are not eligible for public benefits like stimulus payments and unemployment insurance. Helping these neighbors stay out of debt and maintain their homes for the long run is a clear priority. While we work with allies around the city and state to advocate for policies that will protect renters, we are raising funds now to meet this immediate need in our community.

A team of Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) members and Living Cully/Verde staff will use a racial justice lens to determine eligibility and disburse funds. The entirety of the fund will be used for direct grant payments to individuals and families, or to pay rent on their behalf.