Renter Relief Fund Application

Thanks nearly 200 generous donors, we have raised over $80,000 that will be distributed to renters in the Cully neighborhood who have lost at least 50% of their household income due to COVID-19.
It’s not too late to contribute to the fund: PLEASE CLICK HERE!

The application is now closed. All applicants will be contacted by Friday, June 12. Funds will be distributed by the end of June.
We have received over 250 applications. We will be able to provide support to approximately 125 households.

To be eligible, households must meet all three criteria:

  1. Rent their home; OR rent a space in a mobile home park; OR be currently homeless
  2. Currently live in the 97218 ZIP code; OR have been displaced from a home in 97218 within the past five years as a result of a rent increase or eviction; OR have children who attend a school in the Cully neighborhood
  3. Have lost at least 50% of the household’s monthly income as a result of COVID-19

CLICK HERE to read the full rules that we are using to determine eligibility, the selection of recipients, and the amount each household will receive. These rules were established in consultation with a group of renters who are active in the Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT).

Living Cully staff are now reviewing all applications to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible to receive funds your name will be entered into a lottery, as described in the fund rules. We have received over 250 applications, and we have enough money in the fund to support approximately 125 households.